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NT - iNtuitive Thinking (Mind)

Focus on possibilites and handle them with impersonal analysis. Thus they tend to become logical and ingenious and find scope for their abilities in theoretical and technical developments. Examples are: Physical science, Research, Management, Forecasts and analysis, etc.

Only about 12% of the population or some 24 million people. In school, before selective factors operate, only 4 in a class of 32 would be NTs, and of those 4, only 1 would be introverted. An entirely different environment surrounds the NTs. They must live with 'aliens', while SP and SJs are continuously surrounded by their own kind. The teachers and parents of NTs are more likely to be SPs or SJs. About 1 family in 16 will have both parents as Ns and only 1 in a 1000 families will have both NT parents.

Power fascinates the NT. Not power over people, but power over nature. To be able to understand, control, predict, and explain realities. These are also the 4 aims of science: control and understanding, prediction and explanation. Scratch a NT, find a scientist.

Morris Cox/
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